Advanced Anchor Watch Monitor

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Keep your anchor position under watch wherever you are .

App functions

- Day and Night Mode Theme with the option to auto switch at sunset and sun rise

- anchor watch and alarm

- custom battery level alarm

- low battery alarm

- custom GPS accuracy alarm

- charger alarm

- remote alarms and status over WiFi ( 2 devices required) , Telegram and SMS

App its under development and more functions will be available in future updates

For new functions requests or any kind of issues please use the contact forms provided within the app .


Please keep in mind that the application is provided "AS-IS". It should not be relied on to and we shall not be responsible for any problem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause and does not relief the legal duties regarding safe watch keeping on board ships and boats .

The performance and accuracy of WatchKeeper application depends on the hardware, software, weather conditions and battery optimization settings of the used device. Some devices are known for bad GPS implementations or using low quality GPS sensors witch will cause bad GPS position fix , position jumps or in some cases are unable to acquire a position fix. Since those are per-device issues, we cannot guarantee to support each one or that this app will function correctly or without false alarms on all devices .

Known issues :

- Night mode theme its under construction and not properly optimized

- Devices are loosing connection from time to time ( LAN Notifications) or they do not see each other during initial setup

The application requires the following permissions:

♦ Fine GPS location, Background Location and Coarse location: To monitor your location

♦ Full internet access: For map view

♦ Network state & WiFi State: For Google AdMob and LAN Notifications

♦ Read and Write External Storage : Map caching system

♦ Camera Access : QR Code Scanner

WatchKeeper SMS Service

Google Play allows automatic transmission of SMS messages under very strict conditions and type of apps witch are allowed to do so are restricted .

Unfortunately WatchKeeper app its not allowed to send SMS messages . To overcome this inconvenient I've build an additional service witch will send the required messages , and hosted this app on ApkPure to make the installation of this service as drama free as possible .